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“Adopt A Senior Dog” Month!

Hey, everyone!

As you may or may not know, November is adopt a senior dog month! I’m a sucker for a cute little puppy face as much as the next girl, but you just can’t go wrong with a wisened older pooch, for a lot of reasons.  You can check out this blog post for a list of reasons why a senior pet might just be right for you.  

I, as well as everyone here at FuzzyNation, think that adopting a pet is one of the greatest thing a person can do.  Getting a dog from a breeder or a pet store is fine, but when you adopt a pet without a home–one who was abandoned or even never had a home–you’re changing that animal’s life.  It’s hard enough to find homes for younger abandoned dogs, but older ones have more trouble than any getting adopted.  If you’re thinking about adopting a dog soon, please consider adopting an older dog!



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‘Tooney’ the Pug!

It’s been a while, but it’s time again for DOG OF THE WEEK! This week’s pup is perfectly precocious, poised and precious, Pugtunia the Pug!

Pugtunia, also known as “Tooney” is 5 years old, and she entered he household when the two other dogs, another pug and a dalmation, were 5 and 8, respectively.  She started her stay with the family as a handful: they recall her distinct need to tinkle FIRST THING in the morning. Her owner remembers having to carry her around the house until she could take her outside to avoid an accident. Sheeesh! All before her morning coffee.  I can’t do A THING without my first cup of coffee! Now that’s dedication.

Just when they were beginning to second guess the decision to add a THIRD puppy to this already bustling house of dogs, Tooney set out to make her new family love her.  She was determined!  She worked her magic and now they can’t imagine life without her.

Pugtunia is described by her owner Kerri as “her soulmate in dog form.”  Kerri says that Tooney always knows where she’s going based on the clothes she’s wearing (gardening, going for a walk, etc.) and that she follews her from room to room in the morning–these two really are made for eah other.  And in the evenings, when Kerri returns home from work, Pugtunia is always ready to offer her a special toy–maybe a bone, a hedgehog, even a tiger, some days! She really is a sweet pug.

All of these things about Pugtunia ARE fantastic, however, none of them are why she’s won.  No, this fashionista selected Pugtunia for another reason-for her fashion sense, of course! Didn’t you wonder how Pugtunia got her name?
Check out that stylish hat! Kerri was walking through a field of sunflowers and could not HELP but picture her lovely Tooney in the center of each flower, and so, the sunflower hat was born! Hey, can i get one of those??
Think your pup’s got what it takes to be next week’s Dog of the week? Send in an entry to brielle@fuzzynation.com (include a few pictures and a description) and check in next week to see! Bon chance, toute la monde, et au revoir!

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The Henley Show and Tilly is ‘Dog of the Week’

Hard work and fun all mixed together.

It was great to see so many old fuzzy friends and make lots of new ones too. Undoubtedly, the Henley Show was a great success.   As you would imagine, I was on the highest pedestal keeping an eye on the other FuzzyNation dogs. We were quite a crew.

The baby wristlets were in and out of the boxes all the time – almost impossible to keep track of.  The Darn Cute Plush, well maybe it was because we were on a slight incline otherwise there is no accounting for it, but there were forever in a kind of  ‘group hug’ – (personally, I think they are just so adorable they can’t help but cuddle each other).  The Teapup Purses – always a show stopper. ‘What? those dogs are also a bag?!’  Well, errr… yes! And the OMG Collection including yours truly added that touch of unashamed glamour. What did you expect…

So many people stopped by our stand to say hi, but it was the dogs who stole the show, of course. I hooked up the show organizers pooch – what a hoot Tilly is. A beautiful Cairn Terrier with a big personality.  She was into everything; helping with the stand layout, measuring the pitches, keeping any uninvited visitors out of the shopping arcade while the stand building and preparations where underway.  And with all this responsibility, she still found time to walk the arcade and make sure all the traders were happy and was just spreading some good ol’ fashioned doggie love.

That’s why Tilly, the multi-talented Henley Show dog is my ‘Dog of the Week’. Thanks Tilly, you helped make my day.


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Blue Cross – ‘Complete the Dream’ Dog Show

Hey fabulous people and fuzzy friends,

Just wanted to let you all know about a fun event this weekend. FuzzyNation have donated a couple of great prizes, so if you want a great day out to enjoy some doggie fun in the sun be sure to make it to Felixstowe on Sunday.

Please help support such a great cause… I also hear that special guest Peter Purves will be there….so make sure you are!

Here are the details…

Fun Day and Dog Show

Sunday 11th July 2010

Show 12pm to 3pm

Gates open 10:30am

All dogs’ welcome

At: Trimley Sports & Social Club High Road, Trimley St Martin, Felixstowe, IP11 0RJ.

Programme of Events

£1 per class – Rosettes to sixth place.

Places first to third also receive a goodie bag.

Classes commence at 12:00

Ring 1

1.                Best young handler (under 12 years)

2.                Most appealing eyes

3.                Veteran (7 years and older)

4.                Waggiest tail

5.                Best canine family (2 or more dogs in the home)

6.                Prettiest bitch

7.                Dog in best condition

8.                Handsomest dog

9.                Best rescue dog

10.           Dog judge would most like to take home

Ring 2

Agility demo (by Five Rivers Agility Club) and chance for owners and dogs to have a go (£1 each go)

Ring 3

Dog  club demos – watch this space.

Ring 4

Fun dog scurry (dogs jumping over a series of hay bales) (50p each go)

Also at the show

Animal charity stalls



Ice Cream

Variety of different merchandise stalls

Children’s fun area (still to be confirmed)

Refreshments available

All proceeds to The Blue Cross “Complete the Dream” campaign to raise money for our centre rebuild. Thank you for supporting The Blue Cross at Felixstowe and we hope you enjoy the day.


That’s all folks! TTFN x

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Romeo winner – Viva Espana

Well, how delighted was I to receive this fabulous pic of my good friend and ex-squeeze, Romeo..?As you know, the FuzzyNation crew and I are all about spreading that doggie love and I’m so pleased the Romeo has found himself such a delicious ‘paella’. Sun and sangria – one could say I was a little jealous, but green is not my favourite colour!

Let me introduce you to Montse and her delightful doggie family; Trudi, the little dog and Runa, the big one, and of course you will recognise Romeo – that handsome beast. Montse is the one incognito (ha) while everyone else appears to be sunning themselves on the veranda! Montse, I understand the power of mystery, I’m just poor on delivery.

Trudi and Runa are rescue dogs, and for Montse, it didn’t stop there. She runs her blog to support a charity who look after and re-home stray pooches in her local area in Spain. Well they say charity begins at home and I’m delighted that my darling Romeo has gone to such a wonderful one. For more details on Montse’s doggie charity and to see what it’s all about please click on the link below…and of course, you will find a picture of yours truly. I am an unashamed self publicist.


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We have a winner!


I have happiness in my heart lovely people, and I announce with pleasure that Montse Gensana  from Spain won our Valentine’s competition.

So that means Romeo and I will be parting company – farewell little friend, it has certainly been fun.

Sending you a huge doggie smooch Gensana, some doggie love is making its way to Spain.  I love that you’re as crazy about FuzzyNation as we are – it’s not just fashion, but a way of life, right?

Thanks everyone who entered the competition – and the correct answer was of course Juliet!

As you can imagine, I am constantly in demand, so no doubt you will see me stepping out with another fuzzy companion very soon.

That’s all for now, off for some pampering…

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Great work ladies!!

I am very pleased to announce that my friends at FuzzyNation were recognized for their great products (like MOI!) and impressive customer service on the Very Good Service website. Hooray!

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